About Us

Mindset Collection all started with a girl who had a dream of becoming her own boss. She knew she would have to shift her mindset if she wanted to create the life she wanted. It was then that she decided to start an IG page and post motivational quotes. These quotes were not only to motivate herself, to change her mindset, and to go after her newfound dreams of becoming her own boss, but to encourage other women who might need some inspiration and motivation to follow their own dreams. She was also dedicated to inspiring women through fashion and beauty to slay their way to the top. Mindset was born…

Who We Are

Time Keepers, Story Tellers, Life Changers…

A dedicated team of ambitious women who are committed to helping you realize your true potential and lead you to recognize the power of your mindset and to go after your dreams.

What We Do

Find our way. Tell our time.

Mindset Collection is about giving you a daily reminder to shift your mindset and go after your dreams. Our fashionable wearables will help reinforce that state-of-mind throughout the day. Whether you are transitioning out of the workforce and into your own business, or wanting to climb the corporate ladder to run the company, if you change your mindset, you can change your world.

Meet Our Designer

Courtney “CJ” Hicks

Courtney “CJ” Hicks was born and raised in Southern California but now resides with her family in Dallas, Texas. She is a wife and a mother of two beautiful girls. She knows what it takes to change your mindset and slay your goals. Before becoming a business owner she worked as a Behavioral Therapist working with children on the spectrum for 10 years. CJ has always had a passion for helping others and helping others find their light. She embodies what Mindset Collection is all about: Hard work, Helping others, Taking that leap into the unknown, Perseverance, and Dedication. She continues to encourage others to find their passion and follow their dreams, no matter what obstacles may get in the way. CJ believes everyone has the power to shift their mindset and create the life they want. She challenges you to take that next step, conquer your goals, and achieve your dreams for a better tomorrow!